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On the Outside

by Megan Fileman
Two clay figures, one enclosed in a glass tumbler which the other tries to release - symbolizing the complexities of trying to support to others from a variety of perspectives - friend/clinician etc.
Tags: visual - mixed-media - who_am_i - depression - psychiatry -

Framed by Anxiety

by Suaad Walker
a mixed-media representation of the artist's mother's long-standing depression in a textile hanging inspired by a John O'Donohue test
Tags: visual - mixed-media - voices_of_experience - depression - general practice - psychiatry -

No one

by Alka Mepani

Tags: written - poetry - Under_the_skin - obsessive compulsive disorder - self-harm - psychiatry -

Walking Upstream

by Meenakshi Balasirishwaran
A representation of the day to day complexities of depression and the challenges and impact of the social perceptions around this condition.
Tags: visual - textile - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - depression - psychiatry -