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Exploring the idea of Mindfulness

by Indira Garaeva
Doctor-patient relationship within modern heath-care - a societal perspective exploring the balance between holistic care and a reductionist approach.
Tags: visual - photography - doctor_watching - various - general practice -


by Amy Nichol
Poem about 'Strange Priveleges' of doctors from the banal observations to the poignant clinical episodes
Tags: written - poetry - doctor_watching - various - medical examination - general practice -

Practise what you Preach

by Emma Baker
Cartoon of overweight, authoritarian, smoking doctor addressing slim patient
Tags: visual - cartoon - doctor_watching - smoking - general practice -

Painful Happiness

by Bronwyn Warner
A provocative poem from the perspective of an MS sufferer aimed to provoke greater insight into the multiple identities and roles with which the patient juggles.
Tags: written - poetry - under_the_skin - musculoskeletal - general practice -

The Heart of the Matter

by Sophie Swinhoe
Musings on the heart, cultural, anatomical, personal inspired by patient artwork.
Tags: visual - painting - heads_and_hearts - general practice - Patient and student artwork anatomy and metaphor -

The way the doctor sees the patient and how the doctor sees themselves

by Catherine Trappes-Lomax
Drawing of doctor viewing distressed patient as an x-ray image
Tags: visual - drawing - under_the_skin - medical consultation - general practice -

Imagine if?

by Yolanda Massey
Black and white photographs of fruit and vegetables humorously positioned to represent the patients' clinical experience - encouraging the viewer to consider damage to the mind as well as the body
Tags: visual - photography - under_the_skin - various - consultations - general practice -

The Streets of London

by Lorna
A member of a surgery arts group, Lorna suddenly finds that she hears a familiar piece of music in a completely new way and feels that this shift in her awareness may reflect a step-forward in her sense of well-being and a stronger connection with the out
Tags: visual - painting - patients_unplugged - general practice -

The Mind-Body Interaction

by Simi Seriki
Holistic medicine and the the role of faith
Tags: written prose - out_of_our_heads - general practice -

The Mind-Body Interaction

by Simi Seriki
Holistic medicine and the the role of faith
Tags: written - out_of_our_heads - general practice -