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Exploring the idea of Mindfulness

by Indira Garaeva
Doctor-patient relationship within modern heath-care - a societal perspective exploring the balance between holistic care and a reductionist approach.
Tags: visual - photography - doctor_watching - various - general practice -


by Amy Nichol
Poem about 'Strange Priveleges' of doctors from the banal observations to the poignant clinical episodes
Tags: written - poetry - doctor_watching - various - medical examination - general practice -

Imagine if?

by Yolanda Massey
Black and white photographs of fruit and vegetables humorously positioned to represent the patients' clinical experience - encouraging the viewer to consider damage to the mind as well as the body
Tags: visual - photography - under_the_skin - various - consultations - general practice -

A Patchwork of my Experiences

by Carla John
A hard-won insight into paediatric intensive care from the staff perspective - the inevitable emotional challenges and a discussion around modes of maintaing clinical professionalism.
Tags: visual - drawing - wounded_healer - various - paediatrics - medicine and surgery -


by Oscar Oglina
A rigorously researched piece into the complexity of received diagnosis and the crucial role of clinicians in terms of supporting patients’ emotional processing, individual and societal perspectives around the shock of compromised well-being.
Tags: visual - painting - under_the_skin - various - hospital experience - oooh_featured -

Disability in Healthcare

by Fatima Rashed
A call for sensitivity and practical action in terms of disability awareness with a view to supporting both access and individual difference throughout healthcare.
Tags: visual - painting - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - various - medical consultation -

The corridors of death

by Benjamin Sansom
Clinical encounters during a child’s journey with a life-limiting disability raises questions around the dissonance of the hospital environment.
Tags: written - poetry - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - various - paediatrics - oooh_featured -

The Weight of Burdens

by Orla Webster
The strata of multiple clinical conditions under pressure within families and everday life.
Tags: visual - collage - under_the_skin - various - learning disabilities - oooh_featured -

The barrier of medical jargon.

by Michele Correa
A plea for less clinical terminology used in consultations to build a more participatory relationship between clinicians and patients.
Tags: visual - sculpture - doctor_watching - various - general practice - oooh_featured -

Does a Doctor's BMI affect their ability to treat patients?

by Alice Huffman
How do patients view clinicians with obesity? does a high BMI make clinical practice problematic? does the clinician's obesity impact on diagnosis?
Tags: visual - cartoon - wounded_healer - various - general practice - GP obestity - humour -