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How Am I?

by Joanna Farnsworth
Prose inspired by a spirited and frustrated terminally-ill mother who has just given birth
Tags: written - prose - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - terminal cancer -

Some Kind of Miracle

by Anonymous
Prose from the perspective of a child about her terminally-ill mother coming home for Xmas and then remaining in remission for several years.
Tags: written - prose - my_family - terminal cancer - oncology -

The Slipper and the Shoe

by Sarah Saunders
Collage of a terminally-ill patient's feet one in a casual slipper and the other in a highly polished shoe.
Tags: visual - mixed-media - cut_adrift - terminal cancer -


by Carl Barker
The complexities of diagnosis and prognosis from a personal perspective
Tags: written - prose - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - terminal cancer - oncology -

Patient X

by Jonathan Williamson
This image and text raises issues around dis-empowerment and the role of patient's individual lived experience
Tags: visual - photography - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - terminal cancer - oncology -