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Chasing the Bismarck

by Richard Pellatt
Prose - home visit to an elderly sailor, recollections of war experience inspiring a fictionalized account of this man's extraordinary life
Tags: written - prose - arts_in_education - multiple - general practice -


by Joanna Melgies
A patient with multiple medical-conditions is viewed compassionately by this medical student, concern for holistic care is raised, review of a cocktail of medications, practical support and interest in the patient's well-being and happiness in general.
Tags: visual - collage - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - multiple - general practice - comp2 -

Resilience in the siblings of disabled children

by Anonymous
An insider perspective around disability within the family unit contextualized through current research.
Tags: visual - cartoon - who_am_i - multiple - learning disabilities -

Drawn, Quartered and Smiling

by Shaneel Shah
Delving beyond the surface of obesity-related conditions, this student uncovers a touching narrative and the indomitable spirit of a patient encountered on a home visit.
Tags: visual - cartoon - under_the_skin - multiple - humour - eating disorder -