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Irregular time off

by Khadija Sesay
This poem provides an insight into conflicting thoughts and emotions as a patient tries process a diagnosis which will impact on his life at all levels
Tags: written - poetry - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - heart disease - cardiology - medicine and surgery -

Pseudo Life

by Lucy Blake

Tags: visual - painting - under_the_skin - heart disease - care of the elderly - comp2 -

Feeble, Precarious, Existence

by Elizabeth Connolly Laker Nyeko
Painting of doctor's perspective whilst dying of heart disease - empty bed and candles
Tags: visual - painting - wounded_healer - heart disease - cardiology - medicine and surgery -

Grey’s Anatomy Heart

by Josephine Rahman
A close examination of historical/socio-emotional context within the individual’s experience of clinical interventions leading to a sense of dis-embodiment.
Tags: visual - drawing - bone_deep - heart disease - cardiology - Effective Consulting - oooh_featured -