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A Shared Experience

by Gemma Winzor
Prose about dramatically shifting perspective after diagnosis in a surgery from the patient's view
Tags: written - poetry - doctor_watching - cancer -

The Future

by Paddy Begley
Text about a home visit, the patient unaware of gravity of her condition - about to be taken into hospital and the impact of this fore-knowledge upon the student
Tags: written - prose - doctor_watching - cancer - general practice - comp2 -

Too Young To Understand

by Jacob Coates
Pencil image inspired by a young girl protected from the knowledge that her mother is terminally ill, moving and insightful reflection about the positive potential of close relationiships
Tags: visual - drawing - heads_and_hearts - cancer - oncology -


by Anon
Poem about doctor enqiring after man whose wife died of cancer from patient's perspective
Tags: written - poetry - under_the_skin - cancer -

Life’s Last Chapter

by Katie Driver
A grand-daughter’s insight into the nurturing role of the natural environment both at first and second-hand at the end of life.
Tags: visual - painting - my_family - cancer - care of the elderly - palliative care, nature, oooh_featured -


by Anonymous
Poem - a medical student's mixed response to his mother's suspected cancer diagnosis
Tags: written - poetry - who_am_i - cancer -

An Excerpt From The Diary Of A Patient

by anonymous
Medic- turned- patient, scan for baby revealing a tumour
Tags: written - prose - who_am_i - cancer - gynaecology/oncology - rhcn -

My Real Image

by Clemency Clarke
An image inspired my the play 'Cancer Tales' which conveys how patients also carry the pain and fear of their loved-ones within their individual medical journey
Tags: visual - drawing - under_the_skin - cancer - oncology and palliative care -

Living with a Tumour

by Jasmine Kenyon
A wife's long-term carer perspective - following her husband's initial diagnosis of only four months to live
Tags: written - prose - under_the_skin - cancer - oncology and palliative care -

Art in Medicine

by Amelia Kerr
Exploration of the therapeutic and instrumental role of creativity on the part of both medical student/artist and friend/patient following treatment for breast-cancer
Tags: visual - painting - arts_in_education - cancer - oncology - medicine and surgery -