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by Anonymous
Poem about author's sister's arthritis as a child
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The Impact of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

by Thomas Hodgson
An x-ray image provides a metaphor for the nuanced perspectives at play in the holistic appreciation of both the individual patient's condition and life-world.
Tags: visual - drawing - bone_deep - arthritis - obstetrics -

All Men are Equal

by Charlotte Kilkenny
A case-study exploration of the psychological and physiological components addressed within supporting the impact of rheumatoid arthritis.
Tags: visual - pastel - under_the_skin - arthritis - rheumatology - general practice - rheumatoid arthritis - psychological support - complementary therapies - pastel -

Relentless Resilience

by Marisa Worsfold
A daughterís perspective on her motherís outlook despite chronic medical conditions and how the family as a whole has gained from her creative resilience.
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