From the outset OOOH! has been a collaborative project. Particular thanks to -

Trevor Thompson Trevor Thompson
Co-director and originator of the website, co-director of Intercalated BA in Medical Humanities*

Catherine Lamont Catherine Lamont-Robinson
Curator and graphic design, creative director of the website

Danny van de Klee Danny van de Klee
Web programming, graphic design and concept development

Will Duffin Will Duffin
Student representative and contributor to the website

Louise Younie Louise Younie
Co-director of the website, leader of the Creative Arts For Health elective and GP Attachment creative component*

Jane Williams
Miranda Whinney
Dominic Alder
Michael Richardson from the medical archive specialist-collection
Nicola Latham and staff at DMIS
Kevin Robinson

Whole Person Care, Creative Arts, G.P. Attachment and SSC students - Jo Davies, Alys Maconie, Nina Beck, Vicky Rees, Vicky Wojciechowska, Rachel Handley, Richard Pellatt, Jessica Thomerson, Sarah Saunders.

All the Bristol students and staff who have given permission to have their creative pieces included on the website.

* more details about educational programmes to be found in 'About OOOH' on the Homepage