The Wait
by Group 11

In Palliative Care the patient’s decisions concerning their life-choices are as important or sometimes more important than that of the doctor. Average life expectancy is rising and patients whose illnesses cannot be cured deserve respect, and quality care from all the healthcare professionals they encounter in their final years. The value of company itself is not to be underestimated.

Andrew William James, Titilope Jempeji, Nikita Jha, Lauren Emily Jinks, Davis John, Toby Jones, Aminata Kaloko, Atchchuthan Kanagasabai, Keya Karan, Helena Kilgour, Samuel James Knights.

Year One. Foundations of Medicine Conference, 2018.



03 November 2019 - 18:07:50
"I have chosen to review this art piece as I think that it is a thought-provoking work on an increasingly important aspect of medicine. The painting implies the weight of the decisions patients in palliative care have to think about: balancing what they want, what their families want and what medical staff advise. This piece reminds us that it is their desires are what are fundamentally important. I think that this piece also shows that some patients may also be very lonely towards the end of their life, especially if they have outlived their family and friends."

Freddie Bosley

03 November 2019 - 23:22:50
"This is a very interesting piece of art. When first looking at it the painting, the first thing that springs into mind is what is the person in the painting thinking about? It could be about their illness, their family, their favourite/ worst memories, or maybe what they think they will miss when they are gone. The truth is that we will never know what they are thinking unless we ask. As the authors say, the value of company and having people to talk to is immense and can help people in their darkest times. It is also interesting how the patient has been pictured in black and white, with coloured paint drizzling past their body. To me, this has the effect of showing that even with all the things going on around us, life can still be a very dark place if we have no one to experience it with. "