Loose Threads
by Group 10

We were struck by the prevalence of homelessness and the potential neglect suffered by the homeless population in Bristol and wanted to find a visual yet symbolic way to encompass the complex elements of homelessness. The weaving is made up of multiple layers and strands, representing the underlying conditions that characterize homelessness. The intricacy of the design can only be appreciated on closer inspection, much like the more veiled issues faced by the homeless population. In order to construct this piece, we learned alongside skilled craftspeople as we wanted the develop the skills to fully communicate our ideas and to integrate authentic found-objects and materials.

This artwork represents the imagined life of a street worker - a composite character inspired by the work of the charity One25. Despite struggles to be accepted as a functioning member of society depicted metaphorically and directly through suspended objects, a thread of silver runs through this piece, at odds with, for example, obstacles to basic levels of personal hygiene and nutrition this woman may encounter on a daily basis.

Lauren Jinks, Amina Peters Kaloko, Sophie James, Nikita Jha. Year One

Foundations of Medicine, Conference 2018