by Min Joo Kim

Tags: multimedia - film - under_the_skin - hospital experience - oooh_featured -

The video is based on a patient I met in a cardiology ward. The patient had been wanting to ask if the meals had already been served but she was really hesitant, afraid that she would be taking up the nurses’ time that could be used on what she deemed more serious, medical issues in the ward. When she finally caught our attention without using the bell, she apologized multiple times for her “faulty memory” and for using our time with such a “silly question”

The video-clip of the teacup breaking was reversed and slowed down to depict an alternate perspective, in this case the patient’s - that we may have a hard time considering. To us the question only took us a minute but she must have been troubled by asking it for a longer time.

This encounter also reminded me of the importance of whole-person care and not viewing patients solely from a disease-oriented lens. Although her slight discomfort at that moment was not medical, she seemed relieved to learn that she hadn’t missed her meal as represented by the pieces of the cup coming to form an unbroken cup towards the end of the clip.

Min Joo Kim
Effective Consulting, Year One, 2017- 2018
Creative Piece Commended