Dialysis Bird
by Gemma Traynor

Tags: multimedia - film - under_the_skin - renal failure - hospital care - oooh_featured -


My creative piece is a short animation based on a recent encounter I had with a patient on a home visit. This patient had been having problems for years with his one remaining kidney after having the other removed. Due to these renal problems, he was on dialysis three times a week for four hours at a time. He told me how he and his wife used to travel abroad a lot, and that they loved to do so. Unfortunately, due to being on dialysis, he was unable to travel abroad anymore. This left him feeling restricted and like he had lost a sense of freedom as he is always having to go back to a dialysis machine.

My creative piece is a metaphor in which this man is a bird who wants to be free to fly but is pulled back by pieces of thread, symbolised by the tubes of his dialysis machine. The same clip is repeated three times, once for every time he is taken back to the dialysis centre every week.

I began to create my animation by firstly painting a simple background. I then started drawing and cutting out birds in a successive flying pattern, before editing them together into one short video. I kept the background simple as I wanted the bird to be the focus of the video and the background to add to the effect, not take away from it. I imagined the final piece to be a simple but effective concept, I believe this is what I came up with.

Gemma Traynor
Effective Consulting, Year One, 2017-2018
Creative Piece Commended