Between the Cracks
by The Art & Science of Medicine

A doctor’s primary duty is patient care; however, what about their own well-being? With little advice in the GMC guidelines on self-care as a doctor, many of the struggles and worries facing a doctor often remain undisclosed. Between the cracks embraces these emotions with the ones you can see being reflected and the hidden between the cracks. We decided upon this creative piece from our tutorials, encouraging us to use reflection both as medical students and inevitably as doctors.

Min Joo Kim, Caitlin McConnell, Rose Meddings, Millicent Morris, Matthew Peakman, Anna Pilbro, Benjamin Sansom, Jemma Scattergood,
Jordyn Tetro, Antonis Tofias, Albert Jian Xu
Collaborative Creative Pieces, Year One
Exhibited at the Foundations of Medicine Conference, November 2017