Lending a Hand
by The Art & Science of Medicine

A sculpture of a pair of hands made from cement, paint and newspaper. The sculpture represents a woman we met on GP placement who suffered from MS. Losing the sensation and control of her digits is symbolised by the cement fingers which have ‘turned to stone.’ The rest of the hand will be covered in words from newspaper clippings which represent her experience of the disease and healthcare. The hands were originally intended to hold a doorknob and a pencil to represent her inability to complete everyday tasks alone and feelings of being trapped in her own body.

Tabitha Attwood, Francesca Bowles, Caitlin Christie, Thomas Clarke, Hannah Egueye, Aidan Gale, Emma Hadley, Ella Holroyd,
Philippa Innes-Taylor, Katie Kirby

Collaborative Creative Pieces, Year One
Exhibited at the Foundations of Medicine Conference, November 2017