Up Close and Personal
by The Art & Science of Medicine

The first year emotional disconnect that most students develop towards the cadavers they work with is quite a frightening prospect for us a group. Perhaps, by creating a space between the body and the human identity the anatomy sessions are easier for us to process. Despite this fact, our group still felt significant discomfort and so decided to create seven portraits, drawn in the simplistic style of an anatomical textbook and coloured in the same way. We hope to bridge the divide between cadaver and the human being that cadaver once was.

James Ask, Joanne Buckingham, Sophie Cooper, Liam Craddock, Timothy Fitzsimmons, Louis Goff, Rama Hattab, Rachel Jackson, Aarti Jalan, Katie Lupton
Collaborative Creative Pieces, Year One
Exhibited at the Foundations of Medicine Conference, November 2017