Enslaved Mind
by Ally Jaffee


The locked up brain represents a narrative familiar to many of us, some who aware of it and others who are not. The narrative being that, we can all be a slave to our mind. This can be applicable to daily moments of life or can be magnified in common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

The centrality of the brain depicts the governance our mind can have over our thought processing and actions thereof.

The background of the painting is an abstract version of Ca-dependant fluorescent dye loaded into the neurones. Each lock has been drilled in to the mind and has the matching key attached nearby, which can unlock it.

One of the locks is unlocked already, representing that, through different stimuli, mediums and even people, our minds can be unlocked, the tension and restrictive nature of our thoughts can be released and creativity and pleasure can be born thereof.

Ally Jaffee, Year Three, 2017