A message to our future doctors
by Heather

Creative Piece

Heather's described the symbolism behind this image

A hand to represent touch, not physical touch, but feelings, the hope that the doctor would have genuine compassion for their patients.

Eyes to read behind the surface of the patients narrative and allow the deeper stories to unfold.

An ear to listen, to recognize that medication can affect everyone differently.

Heather also mentioned that it was important for medical students to appreciate the full implications of a consultation - You go to the doctor, you bare your soul AND your body! They say - We've seen it all before! but they haven't seen YOURS! she laughed. likening her coping mechanism to the experience of sitting on a beach - taking off your glasses, fooling yourself that other people can't see you because you can't see them!

Brooklea Creative Arts for Health
Brislington, Bristol