A message to our future doctors
by Dot

Creative Piece

Dot had endured the violation of brutal street crime on two counts - a random attack leaving her son blind in one eye and severely scarred and 30 years later, Dot was mugged and sustained life-threatening injuries.

Dot's image depicts an unexpected explosion of fear and violence - which rips your life apart and you can never return to normal. She said you never think anything like this will happen to you. Dot wanted medical students to realize the devastating, ongoing impact of such incidents and injuries on family units. She also spoke of hurtful 'throw-away' remarks by health-workers in hospital, such as her son being referred to as 'one-eyed Jack' albeit in affectionate banter and the indignities suffered by a neighbouring patient with both legs amputated whose privacy was rarely taken into account during ongoing clinical visits.

Brooklea Creative Arts for Health
Brislington, Bristol