A Successful G.P. Consultation
by Jenny Stone


This comic strip represents some of the emotions that can go through a patient’s head during a ‘doctor’s appointment’. The feelings shown are that of inferiority, vulnerability and fear. I portrayed these emotions by presenting the G.P. as a dragon and the patient as a sheep. In this situation the patient is shown to be vulnerable, inferior and most probably afraid. During the course of the appointment both the G.P. and the patient begin to gain more human features such as human arms, legs and ears. Finally by the end of the appointment both the G.P. and patient are fully human. This portrays the feeling of a successful consultation as the patient is left with no fears, worries or feelings of insignificance.

Patients can feel vulnerable because they suddenly find themselves having to ‘bear all’ in front of a complete stranger. A good G.P. should be able to make most patients feel at ease and be able to build up a trusting relationship in the short time of the consultation.

The main focus of this comic strip is on the building of a trusting relationship, in which anything can be shared with confidentiality and without the need of any judgement or the provocation of the negative feelings previously mentioned.

Whole Person Care, Year One, 2010