by Viren Ahluwalia

Tags: multimedia - film - out_of_our_heads - sustainability - global consciousness - climate_change -


I chose to make a video for this creative task because its a medium through which I choose to channel my emotions above all others. The main theme of the video is “changes.” It shows changes that are occurring in the many different systems that affect us as a whole. It has three central changes that occur at the emotional/ functional level of a system. There is the sun, which changes to night. The tap, which eventually ceases and the light switch which gets turned on at the beginning then off at the end. These are constantly shown throughout: gradually changing.

Amongst these clips we have the changes that are occurring to systems at a planetary level: especially the imminent natural disaster that is climate change and the destructive consequences it brings with it. The three central themes are changing as a result of a worsening planet. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the individual is affected by things not necessarily directly impacting on them. As the planet gets sicker and less functional so do we. For instance with the tap metaphor, which goes from being a jet of life to something drippy and less exciting with the worsening situation, analogous to the human race.

We and the planet exist as one. Regardless of advances in medicine and breakthroughs, its all meaningless if we don’t take care of our foundations and pursue any means of sustainability. My idea of a “Whole Person” is one that takes into account nature and the juices of our very creation. We wouldn’t slowly toxify and strangle our parents of life: so why pollute the earth from which we have evolved as a species?

Whole Person Care,  

Year One, 2010