Doctors in the Movies
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Praveen Gopinath

17 March 2011 - 12:25:43
"The "Olden Days - Modern Way" contrast provided an interesting perspective on the evolution of medical practice. The "Olden Days" part of the video effortlessly illustrated the paternalistic approach to medicine with a uni-directional doctor-patient relationship being shown. The barrier between doctor and patient was evident, as well as the closed and formal discourse between them both. The "Modern Way" part of the video showed the development of medicine in not only consultation method (open and informal discourse between doctor and patient with a shared mutual exchange of information) but also the emergence of disciplines of complementary and alternative medicine in the portrayed "holistic clinic". Overall, this video has accurately shown how medicine has moved from a dogmatic to a very pragmatic approach, which almost certainly has improved quality of care and patient satisfaction subsequently. I really appreciated the subtle qualities of the video, with the monochrome video for "Olden Days" and vivid multicolour video for "Modern Way". To me this represented the lack of perspective and knowledge of medicine and medical practice in "Olden Days" while in "Modern Way", this represented the holistic approach to medicine, the enlightened understanding we now have of the doctor-patient interaction. It was a very good portrayal of how medical practice has changed over the years, with a great example of a model consultation in "Modern Way" involving empathy, compassion and a little bit of humour! The message is certainly profound and communicated excellently."