Beyond Appearances
by Priyanjalee Perera


Kristen Rajnauth

15 March 2011 - 12:10:14
"This piece is really good! Not only do you have a talent for drawing but the way in which you brought together all the aspects in this is great. I wasn't able to read the words but from the title of the piece and the various parts that make up the piece, I have a slight idea of what you are portraying. I think it is quite creative that you put a heart as a part of the tree. I also thought that the fact that you included the roots of the tree meant that you were exploring deeper issues that what is evident (which goes along with the title of the piece as well)"


05 November 2019 - 07:27:35
"This particular artwork stood out from the others, and initially caught my attention as I was curious to read the writing. Upon closer inspection, I recognised a few lyrics, and further research showed that the majority of the phrases (ones I could make out from the handwriting) were all lyrics to different love songs, with a few exceptions. The title of this artwork is “Beyond Appearances”, with another title within the art of “The Blood Donor”. This in particular interested me, as it really emphasised the individuality of an otherwise unnamed person (as blood donors often are to the one receiving the blood). The lyrics themselves displayed several different emotions and points in a person’s life, with several direct references to medicine, really bringing together the idea of “Art in Medicine” for me. I also really liked the way music was used visually, as someone who likes music more than paintings or drawings, this really appealed to me. Another reason why I thought this piece of art was exceptional was the way in which the drawings were integrated alongside the lyrics, and also how anatomical drawings were used and described in a non-anatomical way. I really appreciated the heart beating in the centre of the tree, with the ends of the branches being drawn over in red, which reminded me of veins or arteries, and referenced “The Blood Donor” title. Overall, this was an outstanding piece of art, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it, and it has really made me appreciate “Art in Medicine”. "