The Snowman
by Thomas Scharzgruber


I accompanied my G.P. Attachment doctor to see an elderly lady. We visited her at home as she is a terminally-ill patient and cannot leave the house anymore. She was going to die shortly and only receives palliative care.

There had been a heavy snowfall on this particular day and whilst chatting with her she told me that she loved to build snowmen when she was young and that it would really make her happy to go and build the last snowman in her life on that day - obviously that was not possible anymore.

When we left her I had an idea - I built a snowman in my G.P.'s garden, took a photo with my camera, printed it and brought it to this lady the following day. She was so happy she had tears in her eyes - she could not build a snowman anymore but I did it for her.

I do not know if this lady is still alive but it was a good feeling to bring some joy to her life again.

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